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Best Complementary Degree

by lastSon36 lastSon36 (New) New Pre-Student

Hello all! I am active military at the moment and will be active for at least another 5 years. In other words I'm about as "pre" nursing as you can be. I'm looking at nursing as a second career post military. I currently hold a BS in Applied Computer Science however, I have the opportunity to continue on to a masters degree while still serving. The question I have is what would be the best non-nursing masters degree to pursue that would be beneficial to me as a nurse after the military? There is a certain career benefit to pursuing a masters degree while on active duty but, the military doesn't necessarily care what it is in, so I'd like to make it work for me in regards to nursing later. As a secondary question, is this even time well spent? Would knocking out pre-requisites as I had time be the better option? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Im currently a second semester nursing student so maybe im not the best person to be giving you advice but the benefits that I see in getting a non-nursing masters degree would include: being able to throw it on your resume to help land some jobs, having a backup if you fail at being a nurse or you decide you don't like the career (can be common if you go into it without knowing what your getting yourself into). With that being said, I think once you get your initial year or 2 of experience after graduating it should be fairly easy to get jobs. If you are dead set in doing a masters to get that benefit as you mentioned I would imagine that doing one in something science like Nutrition or in Business could be helpful. You do need to get those prereqs done but becareful because some programs will make you retake them if you took them like 2-3 years before applying. I would take them towards the end of your service or lookup/contact programs you are interested in and ask them if prereqs expire for them.

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Thank you for your service.

MBA, MHA, or dual MBA/MHA.

Best wishes.


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Something INFOMATICS with a focus in health care.

Thinking MPH but focusing on policy making decisions. Not necessarily like an epidemiologist/infection preventionist.

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