Best book for PACU nurse?


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I'm a new grad nurse starting in the PACU in July and I'd like to prepare myself as much as possible. I did my last 8 weeks in school in the PACU so I'm familiar with many aspects of the care and patients. However, I would like suggestions of one "go to" book for this area. I've searched past threads and haven't gotten a good feel for the best book for this case.

So, what book couldn't you do without as a new PACU nurse or what book have you found since then that you wish you'd had?

Thanks !


dg05, RN

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Thank you Nurse Heidi ! My copy is on the way .


I second this book as an excellent resource. It is the text used by for their home study Perianesthesia nursing course.


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Thanks for the recommendation . . .I just found out a got a position in PACU and am thrilled!!!!! I am ordering this book so i can start learning before i get there in 6 weeks!

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