what is the best book for acls?


what is the best book for acls?


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The American Heart Association's "Handbook of Emergency Cardiovascular Care for Healthcare Providers". You should be provided the book when you take ACLS.

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The old Mistovich and co. book was good, but now outdated.

A lot of folks at our hospital and flight service like Aehlert's book (Mosby/JEMS).

You don't REALLY need anything other than the AHA materials.

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If you would like to get something in addition to the above already mentioned...here is what I liked. ACLS made incredibly easy. This is part of the incredibly easy series by Lippincot,williams and wilkens. The sample megacode scenarios in the back of the book were great. The book gets right to the point and you do not have to read on and on about stemi and non-stemi and the like......JUST THE FACTS....great book for an RN with an already busy schedule. Make sure you get one with the latest recommendations. I bought mine at Borders for $35.95

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