best anatomy flash cards?


I want a set of flash cards for A&P, but there are so many to choose from. Which ones do you think are the best?

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[color=#2f4f4f]i used kaplan's anatomy flash cards, but if you decide to check them out, definitely go online and purchase them...most likely a lot cheaper than you local bookstore prices! they didn't help me out a ton, but on chapters i happened to struggle with more than others, they really came in handy!

Specializes in CNA/LPN. Has 1 years experience.

[color=#2f4f4f]i'll agree! that really did help me a lot, as well as the kaplan anatomy coloring book! i usually am not for many supplemental material, but all of these really came in handy for a&p! after the course was over, i was able to sell all 3 for a good price for someone else who needed them, so you could most likely get a few bucks back if you take good care of it through the term. :)