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Best Air Force Bases for Critical Care Nurse with family

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Best CONUS Air Force Bases for CC RN

  1. 1. Best CONUS Air Force Bases for CC RN

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      Hurlburt, FL
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      Brooks, TX
    • Air Force Academy, CO
    • Scott, IL
    • Andrews, MD
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      Eglin, FL
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      JB Langley, VA
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      Keesler, MS
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      Nellis, NV
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      Travis, CA
    • Wright-Patterson, OH
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      Ft Belvoir
    • Walter-Reed, MD

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I am a 10+ year experienced RN applying to the Air Force. I've chosen critical care as my identifier since the majority of my work history is there (and I LOVE it!). I know that the bases available for this specialty is already very limited, but I wanted some input from those with the knowledge...what is the best air force base with critical care for those with a family? I'm not really concerned about the technology, patient volume, or any of that because I've worked in all types of environments and can function with just about anything. I just want to know where the quality of living is the best for my family. I was a military brat but became one in my early teenage years so the extent of my knowledge about bases as a dependent is limited to Pope, Kadena, & Spangdahlem. I'm excited to hear your input!

Needs of the Air Force is the best place

LOL! Oh I absolutely agree! But if I have to fill out a dream sheet, I want to be more educated through the experiences of others. :yes:

Travis or San Antonio are good places

McChord/Peterson are not bad either!