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Best advice on switching specialties?


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After I graduated last year, I got my first RN job on a PCU/Adult M/S Tele floor...its been almost a year now and feeling quite confident in my acute care skills. I will be able to apply for transfer in February and would like to get into M/B or NICU, but almost all the positions I've seen posted all require experience in that department.

I rarely ever see opportunities for residencies in those units as well, so where do you gain experience? My senior practicum was in the ED of a Peds Hospital...and I'm willing to work another 6 months of PCU after my 1 year if need be, but how does one get into another specialty if you have zero experience? Any suggestions or helpful insight is much appreciated. I really miss working with little people! Thank you! (:

I would love to hear the responses to this thread as well.


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This may take some creativity. You may reach out to people in those units and ask to shadow or offer to volunteer. This will give you some experience and also will help with the networking. Bonus points if you ask for an introduction from somebody you know or work it through LinkedIn! ;)

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Good idea, I just don't know when I'd volunteer because I already work FT on my unit. :/

I would just go meet the managers and let them know you are interested. If they need the staff, they may be willing to train you.

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In addition, getting certifications in that area (i.e. PALS) where possible are always helpful to show to the recruiter/manager that you have real interest/drive to be in that area.