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I am on my last rotation for clinicals for LPN, Got through all the hard acedemics and tests and such. I was assigned to the ER for 2 weeks, we have a quick care area for the PA to handle if the situation is not a true emergency, (headaches, stitches, flu, etc..). I happened to make the comment to my instuctor that I enjoyed the quick care (we were extrordinarly busy that day) and she said thats because its so benign, I was so insulted and furious. She wants all of us to enjoy her specialty (heart) and I am planning on LTC and Rehab work, I am lucky enough to have found my niche already. All I wanted to do was tell her to go poop in her hat (but I didn't), because if it we not for nurses like me, then noone would be there for her when she breaks her hip and has to stay in a rehab facility. How do I get her to see nursing has many avenues and not all are for heart patients? :no:

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Don't bother. No need to be furious or insulted it was just a comment that reflects her opinion which obviously you do not share.

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Her thoughtless comment is not worthy of your time or energy.

She is probably one of many in our field who mistakenly believe that only those who practice adult acute care are "real nurses".

I have found that nurses with this superiority complex tend to change their perspective when they (or a loved one) experience pregnancy complications, a seriously ill child, a child with health needs at school, a psychiatric crisis, a need for LTC, or an advocate in their physician's office.

This is one of those situations when I would quietly say, "Blow it out your ear!" under my breath, and walk away with a smile :)

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