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What do you all consider the benefits of becoming a Travelling Nurse? I've lived in the same spot for 18+ years never moving out of the same town, but I've had the opportunity to Travel all over, including Idaho, Washington, Utah, California, Colorado, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Florida and Wyoming... I love every new place I get to visit except wyoming, that state seemed to "roll" on forever with very little to see... :chuckle At any rate being a Travelling Nurse seems like something that would fit me and I was just wondering for those of you who Travel what are your expenses? I know some agencies pay housing, but what exactly do you pay for? Do you Make quite a bit more money travelling rather then the latter? Also I don't want to travel forever, but it seems like a good way you could save up quite a lot of money starting out and then have a nice chunk to settle down with a couple years down the road... anyone have any opinions or suggestions?


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It depends on which agency that you work for.........some pay for utilities, including a telephone, others do definitely are paying for food, cell phone, comouter modem, etc. If you keep a legal residence, then you can write off a per diem rate for living expenses as well as quite a few others.

Best thing is to talk to your accountant.

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