Benefit of NCLEX in Arizona vs. Nevada


Does NCLEX from AZ offer better pay/transfer options for BSN here in Nevada? Is the pay equal in Nevada for ADN as BSN? Does Arizona pay more for BSN than ADN / RN?

Ive heard from a Union employee in Nevada that taking the day to travel for NCLEX in Arizona makes it easier to work out-of-state, if I cant find work in Nevada/Vegas. Also that BSN gets paid more in other states (in addition to hiring preference). But that if NCLEX license is issued initially in Nevada, it is more difficult to transfer and that it even STILL gets lower pay bracket even once NV license is transferred to other states? Any truth to this? Silly rumors (lol) say it aint so!


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This post is all over the place, but the one thing I do understand you are asking is about if you get paid differently for having a license from a different state. I don't know where you heard that but it is the silliest thing I have heard for a while. Where you get your license, and if you later endorse to another state don't determine your pay rate. The facility will only care that you have a license valid in the state you wish to work. You will get paid whatever they offer for that position with your experience, regardless of original RN licensure state.


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It does not matter what state you physically take the NCLEX in. It is where you have your results sent to (for your RN license) is what matters. If I wanted to take my NCLEX in Alaska, I can do that but my license would be for nevada since that is the state that I want my license to be in (and I completed the necessary processes for).


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That makes sense, thank you for clearing that up yall. Hmm, now I think it may be a good idea for me to search other threads on AllNurses about how a "traveling nurse" maintains their licensing flexility :snurse:

I got my license in NV first, moved to TN a month later and applied for my TN license. Az is a compact state though, meaning you can use that license in other compact states without having to get a new state license. TN is the same. And pay is based on a few factors. Cost of living, experience, stuff like that. I get paid crap here in TN, but the cost of living is considerably less than my counterparts in Vegas, who make about $14 more per hr than I do! And, I just finished my BSN but will not get a pay raise here for that :(


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Az is a compact state though, meaning you can use that license in other compact states without having to get a new state license.

Just to clarify, you can use a license with compact privileges to work in other compact states as long as you maintain your permanent residence in that state. If you move to another state, even another compact state, you have to get a new license.