Bellarmine University CRNA 2024

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I haven't seen a post for the application cycle for Bellarmine University CRNA program for 2024 yet.  Anyone else applying?

Specializes in Critical care.

I haven't applied yet, but should have my application complete within the next week. This seems like a great program from what I can tell. 

I'm applying! I attended their virtual open house . They seem really nice ! 

Anyone know what the I the interview is like? As for as clinical questions 

I just applied yesterday! Goodluck everyone!!

Specializes in trauma-neuro icu.

I applied today. Good luck everyone. 

I'm hopeful with tomorrow being the closing day for applications to hear about interviews soon.

I believe they said interview invites should go out in November. 

Yes. They said we should starting getting invites for interviews in November! Good luck and god bless everyone applying!

Specializes in Neurosurgical ICU.

I applied, I was excited about this program because they seem super invested in you. We should hear something in November and their previous cohort stated they were told within a few days of interview if they were excepted. Good luck all.

Good luck to you as well!

Hopefully we hear something back today!! Good luck and god bless everyone!

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