Being a Nurse vs. Being a Pilot: the job hunt

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All of the conversations lately on this board regarding the lack of nursing jobs have got me thinking about this more and more.

I am a nurse and my husband is a pilot.

There are more qualified pilots than openings in their field.

-this is happening with nursing

Some places will only take nurses with a BSN or a certain amount of experience or both

-many places my husband applied over the years would not even LOOK at the resume unless he had a Bachelor's degree(he did) and thousands of hours of flying time (he did)

-it took years of applications and $50 and up application fees for each job before even an interview would occur

Job hunting isn't easy for anyway today, in any field-we, in nursing, are just feeling what other industries have felt over the years.



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I think in the long run though, our job security will be better than a lot of other fields.

I think nurses were caught off guard with the nursing "surplus" situation in most areas. Most new nurses were promised "jobs galore!" when they started nursing school and were hit hard when they found out differently at graduation...

Yes, we are not alone.

My husband who had huge sign on bonus offers to choose from 5 years ago, now has been unemployed for 3 months without a single interview... Welcome to the ups and downs of the IT industry!

It will get better again! Nurses will be retiring and hospital will be hiring!

Yes, recessions sucks. I really feel for all the unemployed new grads. :icon_hug:


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Hi Otessa, You and your husband should check out the website They have several different interesting forums such as which airlines are hiring, cargo and freight airlines, corporate and charter. Best of luck whatever you decide! :smokin:

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Than you Bedpan 76-my husband has worked for a major airline for 10 years. Just pointing out that there are struggles with most looking for jobs.



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My daughter is supporting her husband since he is out of work. It is really bad right now. He is 27 and the 18 year olds are hired first at fast food places. There are struggles everywhere.

My husband was out of work for 8 months before he found a job. I know that where I live there are tons of ads for nursing but to be honest the is a reason those positions are open.

I think it is great that your husband is a pilot but I wouldn't want to do that. I couldn't anyway. I can't see at night on the road very well much less in the air, LOL.

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I agree, I couldn't be a pilot. He has been laid off 2 times in the past 5 years. That is why I work full time and carry the health insurance-never know when that will happen again.



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Go for pilot, you will die JUST one time, like nurse you die and reborn 100000 time each day, plus no one give you a flag after dying, looooooool.

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Go for pilot, you will die JUST one time, like nurse you die and reborn 100000 time each day, plus no one give you a flag after dying, looooooool.

HuH?? my husband is a pilot.....???

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