Being lax with PPE because of full vaccination status


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I think it is too harsh, but I guess the Dr wants to send a message. Plus why is this zealous and COVID mandates are not? Going into a mrsa or c-diff room without PPE and then taking care of non iso patients is bad. Some think it is OK to remove people for not wearing a mask, but having a healthcare provider, who should know better, go home to change is some how going too far?

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On 8/29/2021 at 5:35 AM, klone said:

Our clinic has gotten lax, and I had to send out a reminder email last week. We are still required to wear eye protection with every single patient, and a lot of our clinicians and MAs are getting lazy about that. I admit that I'm guilty as well. Some days I run our Pfizer vaccine clinic if we don't have extra staff to do it, and I completely forgot about wearing eye protection.

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