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Being an Experienced LPN Does Not Make You an Experienced RN

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Dear Nurse Beth,

Know anything about a travel company having an RN travel as an LPN? Is it just lower pay? Is it not a good idea?
I have been a LTC LPN for 7 years & obtained my RN in January 2020. Thought since I was an experienced nurse in LTC that I could do an RN assignment in LTC, but have been told by multiple companies I can't because I don't have 1 year as an RN. There are 2 companies that say I can travel as an LPN but I will be getting an RN license for that state.

Dear LPN,

An LPN is not a lower-paid version of an RN, and being an experienced LPN does not make you an experienced RN.

You are a new grad. As a new grad, you should not be a traveler. You need to gain foundational experience as an RN. There are no shortcuts.

The most important thing for you to do is apply yourself wholeheartedly to your new role. Focus on your learning and reevaluate traveling and different options once you have experience.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

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