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Been to Utica for CPNE? I have questions:)


I'm planning on testing in Utica for my CPNE and wanted to get some questions answered if anyone can help me out.

Where is the closest airport? Is there one in Utica?

Any suggestions on places to stay? Is there a hotel within walking distance or will I need to rent a car?

What is the address of the hospital? I'm looking on their website and seeing different campuses and such.

Anything else I should know?

Thanks for any responses. I haven't received confirmation back from NPAC yet with all the information, so I thought I'd ask here in the mean time. Plus, it would be great to hear from students that have tested at this site!


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I haven't tested there yet but I am scheduled for the first weekend in February. You will get an orientation packet with all of this information after you receive your date. It only took me 24 hours to get my date after applying so you should get it soon.

There is no airport in Utica. I believe the closest one is in Syracuse. The closest hotel is the Holiday Inn. It is within walking distance. I checked out other hotels in the area and they all had terrible reviews and some even cost more than the Holiday Inn AND have terrible reviews to boot. I almost dropped my teeth when I saw the Holiday Inn rates (150/night) but Ec has a special rate worked out with them ($99/night). There is also not a shuttle service but I hear you can walk it, it is that close. The hospital is located on Champlin Ave.

There are several threads here from those who tested in Utica. Everyone seems to rave about it :-)


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Tested and passed at Utica in May on Mother's day weekend - great Mother's day present for me!!! :yes: We flew to Albany airport because I wanted to fly Southwest due to cheaper flights and they didn't fly to Syracuse. I think Syracuse is an hour away and Albany a little over an hour so going to have to rent a car either way. One of the ladies the weekend I tested said she rented a taxi and it cost over a hundred dollars-got a car rental cheaper than that myself. We stayed at the Best Western (my husband came along for support) which is about 10 min drive from the hospital and loved it-very quiet and free breakfast each morning and only cost $89 a night cheaper than Holiday Inn with EC discount. The Holiday Inn is within walking distance but is 3 stories and no elevator according to other testers from my weekend-one of them had to carry her luggage up 3 floors and she wasn't happy. She said the room was nice just didn't like the no elevator thing.

The hospital is great and all the CE's and the CA very helpful and constantly saying take a deep breath you can do this. We had 7 our weekend and 6 passed. I wrote a journal about my weekend so if you want to read more I posted it on here somewhere. Just do a search and you should find it. Good Luck!!! :D

Thanks for the responses. They are helpful:) And congrats BeachCathyRN:)


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I'd absolutely love to read or hear about the rest of your adventure in your journal ?!!!