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I have been thinking a lot about going into Nursing. I have debated becoming an RN or becoming a elementary school/preschool teacher. I could combine the two and do Pediatric Nursing, but I think I would enjoy becoming a School Nurse even more!

I see that Eden Prairie schools is hiring a Health Service Paraprofessional, $15.95/hr, 5 days a week, 6 hour days and it says "LPN preferred". However according to the MN Board of Nursing, you must have a bachelor's degree in nursing and be registered as a public health nurse in order to be a school nurse.

What is the difference between the two? What would a nurse paraprofessional do vs a school nurse? And why does one ask for a LPN preferred and the other requires a bachelors? Does anyone know?

Also, I am applying to Nursing schools in January (North Hennepin, Mpls Comm and Tech, Anoka Ramsey and Century), all of which have Associates degrees and not bachelors... any recommendations on schools to go to if I want to become a school nurse? Thanks so much for any advice!


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Health care paraprofessional is like a administrative assistant who assists the nurse with clerical duties as well as providing care and the nurse makes decisions and are held accountable for cares given. Like you said, the RN has the bachelors degree whereas the paraprofessional has an LPN degree.

As far as schools, the U of M, St Kates, and St. Marys University are great places to start. You can google more info.

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