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I have heard on other nursing boards that sometimes you can take your boards for LPN once you pass a certain point in clinicals for RN. Does anyone know about this? Does it vary from state to state? I know I'm kind of jumping the gun as I don't start classes until January, but I am so excited and feel this would be a great opportunity if it is allowed in my state (Louisiana) to work part time while in school and gain some clinical experience. Thanks so much! This is the best board!


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I think it depends on the type of nursing program you are in. I went to a community college, where the first year of school was the lpn program, you had to apply to graduate from the program when finished and then you could take boards. In my state(Iowa) you can't go back and take lpn boards if you complete an rn program and don't pass nclex.

I would reccomend taking lpn boards if possible. It gave me a better perspective in class and clinicals because i also worked as lpn.

Best advice talk to your nursing instructors or contact your board of nursing.


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First of all...Hello Allevi. It is great to see someone else from Iowa!!!

I went to nursing school at a Community college in Texas where the LPN and RN programs were totally separate. Even after you finished the LPN program, you still had to apply to the RN program and take the whole 2 years!! After school I moved back to Iowa...I have worked with alot of nurses who worked as LPN's after the first year while continuing school to obtain their RN. Either way, good luck to you!!!!



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[Hey Shari

What school in Texas did you go to?I am at NCTC and it sounds kinda like our program.Did you finish up with your RN ?

Peeps Mcarthur

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I'm going to a program that will let you continue for the last two semesters in the RN program with a few pre and core requisites to complete. You first have to be approved( read GPA ) before you are allowed and have permission of the instructors(read kiss their butts)......Anyway, that's what I intend to do.


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I found this on the NC board of nursing site. I couldn't find one for my state. But perhaps this will give you a means of asking your board the question.


As long as the NCLEX Computer Adaptive Tests are 91 days apart, you can test as many times as you would like. There is no time frame from the point of graduation within which you have to be licensed.

In order for a RN educated nurse to be declared eligible for NCLEX-PN, they first have to be unsuccessful on the NCLEX-RN, unless they have graduated from an LPN program also.

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