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Finally, after being laid off from my office job, I have decided to follow my dream of becoming a nurse. I am now questioning myself as to how I'll be able to support my daughter while pursuing my education. "Who's going to pay bills?" That's the main question. Being laid off from my job may turn out to be the best thing my former employer could have done for me.

The thought of going back to school is very scary however, I up for challenges and the ultimate rewards of knowing that I followed my dream.

I have decided to attend a two year program first, then pursue my BSN.

Are there any others in this situation? Let's talk.:confused:


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Why did I become a nurse? Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time...............

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WOW! It's amazing to see all of the different motivations to become a nurse. For me, I just have this desire that I can't shake, even though I will have to quit my job while my (wonderfully supportive) husband bears the load. It's nice to hear some positives, since some of the folks on this bb are so negative toward their own profession!

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