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$$$ to become a LVN


Where can I try getting a loan for about 21k to go to a vocation school to become a LVN?

I don't have established credit as I'm only 19 and work only a part-time job.

I'm going to a community college and almost done with ADN prereqs but i'm very doubtful i'm gettin into the program, so want to consider becoming a LVN first, but don't know where i can get a 21k loan...

the vocational school doesn't help with financing, they use to do sallie mae but i guess not anymore

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I wouldn't go to a school that doesn't at least have federal loans. Go to a more established school. Any school that doesn't even offer sallie mae is the bottom of the barrel

Plus i wouldn't go to a school that costs 21k for a 1 yr LVN program, the most expensive ones around here at community colleges only cost about $6-8K


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Be patient young grasshopper :)

$21k for a school that doesn't offer financial aid is a huge red flag.

i wouldn't go to a school that costs 21k for a 1 yr LVN program

there are various reasons why someone would pay >$20k for an lvn program - time is a big one.

for those of us that are no longer of the age where we can wait 1, 2, or even 3 yrs for a slot to open at the local community college, time is money.

some folks also consider that the cost of private vo-ed lvn programs can be made up in the time it would take to be admitted and finish at a public school.

hopefully that sheds some light as to why some of us are willing to shell out major bank for school.

I would be cautious of the fact that sallie mae doesn't endorse them anymore, because they usually have standards for what schools they will support and if the school you want to go to doesn't meet them in that way, it may not meet other standards. Research the school's legitimacy including making sure it's still approved to allow you to sit for the NCLEX-PN, as well as its students' attrition and passing rates.

I go to a private school and I will have paid $26,000 by the time I am done, but their finanicial aid office offered many different lenders and federal loans/grants.

Do not pursue your LVN education at a private school until you have ensured that no community college or local ROP program offers an LVN program. No sense in paying that kind of money when there is a less expensive route to the same goal.

there is a LVN program @ the community college i attend now... but it's lottery & they only take 14 student A YEAR... usually 300+ students apply each year

the reason why the lvn school i want to go to no longer has an agreement with sallie mae is because students sometimes dont pay them back causing the school to pay them. I checked online & the school is bvnpt approved

i need help finding 20k, the program starts in february... i wanna be a LVN by the time im 21...

20k is worth not having to wait each 1,2,3 years to see if i get into a lottery LVN program

Take it from someone who has student loans from my BA. $20K student loan IS NOTHING!!!! Compared to the money you will be making. Factor in that your payment might be about $200 a month. Just a rough estimate. If you were a CNA, you'd be making a lot less than $200 a month than a LVN. As a LVN you might be making about $600-$1000 more a month minimum, and factor in overtime. So would you rather b a CNA waiting to get into a program for years or would you rather be a LVN paying $200 a month in student loans, and making more than $600 a month as a LVN? Plus you'll be working towards your RN. Some people don't want to wait as I didn't, and some people don't mind the wait and would rather wait than spend that kind of money. Each persons situation is different and it's right for them. Do what you feel is right for you. Everyone here has offered some good advise. Good Luck


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