Beach chair shoulder arthroscopy and fluid control


Work in an advanced practice ASC. We run lean so I clean my own or suite after cases. We use the beach chair position for most of our shoulder arthroscopy cases. Our current shoulder drapes do a **** poor job at capturing fluid which makes cleanup slower. What drapes do you use (model number and company) and what strategies have you guys used to keep fluid at bay?

Btw we use a lateral drApe made from cardinal.


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we use medlines arthroscopy drape with pouch, the key is making sure the people keep that pouch open and it isnt flowing right past it. We also use absorbant floor mats. usually it makes it quite a bit quicker to clean up but either way you look at it, your gonna have a mess with these cases, there is no if ands or buts about that......


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We use the same drape as Argo, the absorbable floor mats, and puddle suckers. But in the end there is always a mess. The drape works well but like Argo said if they don't do a good job of keeping the pouch open you get a lot of fluid flowing right past it.

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We use cardinalhealth brand beach chair drapes, and I agree. They miss a lot of fluid.

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I like to use "guppies" on the floor. They're those little purple fishes that connect with regular tubing to our suction machine and suck up all the water from the floor. They work really well for me.


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We use a beach chair drape from Kimberly Clark that works very well.

It's sort of a split sheet, that starts above the shoulder, then pulls around below. It has some really nice sticky strips that hold it. The fluid pouch is separate, which allows you to put it where you want to.

We begin with two thin platic like sterile impervious "U" drapes, also by K.C., one above and one below.

Usually for shoulders the drape an some absorbent "blue cloud" on the floor is enough.

For ACL's we add a puddle guppy or some sort of floor suction device along with our absorbent mat.

We did trial a thick yellow disposable mat the other day. Not sure what the manufacturer was.

I liked it, the suction tubing was already attached, had some nice sticky tape on it. Just threw it down, stuck it down, plugged it in.

Not totaly sure the scrub team and doc liked it as well as I did. It was a bit thicker than we were used to, but as soon as water hit was gone! It did trap a little water underneath, a plastic backing prohibited it from sucking up anything that got underneath.