BCLS training


I am an emt going to be a nurse and my school is making me take the bcls course I just wanted to know if anyone knows if it is going to be anything new for me?


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Shouldn't be anything new, BCLS= BLS CPR. You should be fine.

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As an RN who was also a Paramedic for 12 years, I think both of my careers were beneficial, one to the other, so congratulations in moving forward in life! I'm also a BLS Instructor, & if you've had to keep your certification current, nothing has changed since 2005. Just go to any BLS book or web-site to refresh your memory


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If you have taken BCLS for Health Care Providers before you should do fine especially if you have taken it since the 2005 changes. Just pick up the current book and read through it. If you feel like you need more practice or review, you can always take the longer initial CPR class instead of the renewal. I believe most places prefer the AHA BCLS cert over the ARC so you might take that into consideration when looking for classes.