Has anyone from this board attended BCCC or heard anything about their nursing program?


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Hi, The Nursing program in Bccc is very competitive. In other to enter into the program you have to complete all prerequisite courses with a "c" or better but I would advice you to study hard and be able to get at least "B" in all the prerequisite especially the Biological Sciences.

You have to complete all courses before you can be accepted to the Nursing Program.

The courses to be completed are as follows:

Sociology 101

Psychology 101

Math 111 or any eligible college Math

Psychology 103

English 101, 102

Bio 110 is the prerequisite for Bilology 220 and Bio 221

Speech communication101

Microbiology 230

While you're in Microbiology 230 you can apply to the Nursing by filling out a selected admissions aplication.

Hope this info helped you.

Good Luck.


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BCCC program also has a wait list. They don't require that you take an entrance exam though. YOu need at least a 2.5 gpa to get in. Another important thing about this school is that they don't have student loans. So you must make sure you have your fianances straight when you are accepted.


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Hi zahryia,

I did my pre-reqs at BCCC and several of my friends will be starting their 1st semester in the nursing program this fall. Like the previous writer said, they do have a waiting list. Even if you have a 4.0 average, they automatically put you on it. Then, depending on your number on the waiting list, they will admit you that next semester. So if you apply for fall, you'll be admitted that spring semester.

I'm also told that if you're taking at least one course while you're waiting, it increases your chances of being admitted. I'm not sure if that's true, but you can go on campus and ask other students that have been accepted.

Oh, please make sure you apply as soon as you complete all of your required courses. The sooner you apply, the higher you'll be on the waiting list.

Good Luck!


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i am currently a 2nd year nursing student there. There is a waiting list and all you need to have is 2.5 gpa. Make sure you have all of your ducks in row before you apply because once you get in it's no joke. Good luck

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