BCBS case manager-bombed my first call


I just started at BCBS as a case manager. I have 7 years hospital experience and this is my first case management job. We had 3 weeks of training and then I Had to call my first member on Friday. This member had already agreed to case management so I wasn't cold calling like I normally would be doing. however, I did pretty bad in my opinion on the first call. The first call is an assessment to enroll and identify their needs. We ask them about ADLS, exercise, diet meds, functional status, cultural needs, history, etc. Then we also do a little bit of teaching. I said "um" a lot when speaking to the member. The conversation did not flow smoothly like I should have. I had a cheat sheet on what to ask but i still felt very scatter brained. It didn't help that i was in a room with 3 other people that are being trained, and my preceptor. Then they were all looking at me.

Can anyone give tips for these kind of calls? I know the 2nd call will be better because i know what the member wants to talk about and i can assess how she is learning and dealing with the new diagnoses she has. It was very very stressful. I hope this is normal and it will get better!!



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Don't be so hard on yourself. You can't be a pro right out of the gate. Did your training for this role include "mock" phone calls? Pretending you are calling somebody, imagine their response, practice answering? It feels really awkward, is time consuming but works for me.


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Practice, practice, practice. You'll be fine. Remember when you were a new grad and had to do an admission history? Same thing.

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I have held the same position. 3 weeks is not enough training. BCBS knows this.It's a tough gig at the beginning because your training was limited.

Now you know not to fill the communication exchange with "um". Instead, take a deep breath... continue with your cheat sheet questions.That will help you "GAIN CONTROL OF THE CALL".

That is all that is expected of you at this stage of the game.

Feel free to PM me... you're on a rough road.