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Anyone have any info on Bayshore Community Hospital? Thinking about applying and wondering about the hospitals reputation.


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my best friend works at bayshore as a med/surg rn and just loves it. it is a small community hospital by new jersey standards of about 200 beds and is located in holmdel nj which is one of the nicest places to live in nj. it serves an affluent area (holmdel) and surrounding bayshore towns like the quaint town of keyport which has some great restaurants that overlook the water. she says it is a small independent that seems to be well run and not part of a giant health care system.

it is the kind of hospital where it is small enough that everyone "knows your name." i am not a nurse yet but my friend said it is a great place to get started in the field and she is using it to "cut her teeth" gaining experience in med/surg before going other places in nursing. she is a very new graduate and loves the comradery of the staff. they go out as a group after the shift ends. she is single and has the time to enjoy.

do they have openings? it sounds like a great place to work.

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Thanks for the information. It sounds like a really nice place to work.

I applied and got a call from the nurse recruiter saying that they have received my resume and she just wanted to let me know that she will be forwarding it to the nurse managers. She said they usually only hire new grad nurses on the med/surg floors, and that if I don't get a response right away not to give up. She was extremely nice and I was very impressed that she called me to tell me that she had in fact read my resume. Nowadays I feel like my resume ends up in a ghost mailbox and it never gets read by anyone.

Well hopefully I get some good news from them...doubt it though


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Thanks for the encouragement!

The job fair says its only for students and recent alumni, do you know if they will ask for a student ID or anything?


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Nope! It doesn't matter. My friend went last November and she's telling me to go today. I txt a couple of people i met at previous open houses, job fairs and they are going too. There are a lot of new grads out there looking for jobs! Nursing shortage ahh....hell it sure doesn't look like it!! Still...don't give up!:D

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