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Baylor 2011 Internships


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hello! :)

has anyone heard back from baylor yet on the 2011 internships? i've applied and also have a friend that works on the unit that i am interested in, so i have my fingers crossed that i get a call for a phone interview or personal interview...in any case, best of luck to everyone! :)

also, i was thinking of posting some interview questions that may be asked so here are a few from me:

1) how will you handle unexpected circumstances, such as being short staffed and having to perform a treatment you have not done before?

2) why did you choose xx area of nursing?

3) what do you consider your most significant strengths/weaknesses?

4) what are your career goals and where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

5) how will this internship help you meet your career goals?

some questions i have written down that i would want to ask my potential employer:

1) based on our conversation today, do you have any concerns i can clarify?

2) as a nurse manager, what are your expectations of a new nurse?

3) how long is the orientation process, and if i don't feel comfortable at the end of my orientation, will you allow more time with my preceptor?

4) what have been the biggest challenges for previous interns on this floor?

You may want to repost to the Texas Board, you may have better luck there!