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Baylor Internship - Winter '15/'16 (North DFW)

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My wife is an RN and just finished up her BSN from Loyola U in Chicago (we moved to TX 1.5 years ago). My wife works for a plastic surgery and health and wellness clinic in Plano doing OR for them for over a year now. She was contacted by the recruiter from Baylor and she said to apply for the Winter internships (Jan 2016). This all took place when the application period just opened up so she applied.

Does anyone know if Baylor waits to schedule in person interviews until the application period has closed?

Anyone else going for the winter internship get a scheduled interview or selected yet?

I presume most hospitals in the area will begin interviewing for winter internships coming up, so I would assume she will be getting calls in the coming weeks.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

Also, did you list your GPA on your resume? My wife did not and she has a 3.5+ GPA.

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Nobody applied for the Winter internship.... odd. Any past Baylor interns?

Amistad, RN

Has 8 years experience.

I applied, although I am out of state. I also emailed the recruiter to follow up and reiterate my interest. Did not hear anything back. Oh well! I hope you have better luck :)

Interesting... my wife heard back from two recruiters, the gn intern recruiter and the full time OR recruiter. They said they are working on firm dates to schedule her an interview with Plano and Carrolton. Haven't heard anything yet.

My wife has 1 year in the OR tho and just recently got her BSN with a 3.6GPA. Might be why she got called?

Good luck to you as well.

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Wife just got an interview scheduled. Looks like they are extremely tight on openings.

Has anyone else had an interview with Baylor? I applied for the perinatal internship. I'm hoping we hear something soon!

Had interview last Friday. Interviewed a panel of 6 people. They said she will find out late this week. Could be different for perinatal.

Position offered. Nurse pay too. Good luck.

Question... Where are some good areas/places to live when working at Baylor? Relocating from out of state and don't know much about Dallas! í ½í¸í ½í¹‚