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Baylor Home Health

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Baylor Home Health nurses: 

What are your requirements to be full time? Is the requirement to be full time set by the number of hours or the visits?

How many days a week?

What if you don’t meet the hours/visits are you expected to come in on other days to meet the  Full time requirements? 

isabing, ASN

Specializes in Home Health. Has 14 years experience.

I work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I usually have 6 to 7 points each day. That is considered full time. If I see patients Monday-Thursday I get PRN pay per visit. I also get bonuses from time to time. We have a surgeon that orders 8 hr antibiotics and we volunteer to go out late night and very early morning to administer. We get paid for a PRN visit plus small bonus for going out off hours. I work for a great company. As far as I know the whole point of Baylor is that you are making a sacrifice by agreeing to work every weekend so you should not have to work as many hours or as many points as regular Monday through Friday employees. 


Has 31 years experience.

I worked a Baylor weekend position (Fri/Sat/Sun)  but ended up resigning as they changed it from salary to per visit/points system with the expectation of full time (M-F) productivity.

It was extremely difficult to meet productivity of full time when working 3 days a week without having to pick up one or more days during the week to make up the difference.

I was only paid for visits that were done and the amount of pay was dependent on type of visit so pay checks were inconsistent.  A visit may take 2 hours but was paid one sum. I was not paid for travel between patients homes just mileage, so if it took me an hour to get to the next patients home that time was on me as was documentation.

That is why the person before me left the position as well.. she ended up working every week plus at least one day during the week because the census changed or patients canceled. When I interviewed I was told it was salary with mileage and I would see 7-10 patients a day. 

Not being able to count on a consistent check plus having to work on days off defeated the purpose for me of accepting a Baylor position.