Baylor FNP (MSN program)


Anyone on this forum know anything about this program? Specifically I am wondering the following

1) Is one year (1) experience required before applying for the program, or can you submit an application during that period (say the previous fall for the following fall), but once you start the program, you would have completed that one year of experience?

2) What is the quality of this program? Faculty, staff, clinical placements and experiences? Do they help with placements? Can you do more rotations in specialty medicine then just the normal? How far can they send you for clinicals? Worth the costs?

3) Is it true the if you are an RN that works for Baylor medical center (or one of its affliliates that after a 6months period of employment or longer they will help with tuition assistance? If so, can i have details how this works?

4) Is the program located in Dallas?

Would you all recommend looking seriously into this program?