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I'm looking at Baylor College CRNA program in Houston, TX. From what I understand SRNAs share classes and clinicals with med students. Does this cause any problems at all, ie: med students taking priority over SRNAs for clinicals or any other problems?




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i think it would depend on if the crna program is based in the school of medicine or nursing. if it's medicine i would guess that it would be a problem. just a guess.



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Baylor CRNA program is housed in the School of Medicine. It has a terrific program director by the name of James Walker, call and talk to him about your questions!;)

James Walker is a completely nice guy. I went and talked with him in person, and he was absolutely nice, didn't rush me, wasn't rude to me, answered all my questions honestly, and then asked me if I had any more questions. Despite my poor GPA, he told me to go ahead and apply. I don't know if he was simply being nice or what. I heard another applicant I know had better GPA score (3.4), and he told that applicant that his GPA score was damaging, but I heard that that applicant had an interview coming. I'm still waiting to hear if I got an interview or not. Either way, everyone at Baylor--in the anesthesia program down to the office of admissions--has been nice to me, and to tell you the truth, it would be an honor to be apart of their student body. Everyone I've met with, including anesthesia residents, have been nothing but nice to me, and it would be a complete honor to work with them. I whole heartedly recommend this program.


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I have to agree that the Baylor program looks absolutely awesome. Everyone there was so friendly and helpful. The advantage is a smaller class with set clinical sites, namely Ben Taub (woohoo!!!) I was blown away by their program and it would be an honor to be part of it.

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