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I am searching for an RN program in the bay area without a wait list. I am willing to go to a vocation/technical school. Does anyone know of any programs without a wait list or with a short wait list. Thank you!


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Which "bay" area?


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As far as vocational schools offering an RN program, look up Unitek in Fremont. I've been hearing a lot about it recently and I looked and it us recognized by the CA BRN. They have a 2 step ADN Program where it looks like they make you go through their LVN Program first, which seems kinda shady but if you're interested in getting your RN quick you gotta do what you gotta do right? Also, I don't know if you know but City College in SF is lottery not waitlist so you might wanna check them out.


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Ohlone college is also lottery


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Evergreen Valley College is also lottery. A friend of mine from SJSU was rejected at SJSU so she applied at EVC and got in on her first try. Then again some people wait at EVC for a few years, so your experience may vary. SJSU has no waitlist or lottery per se, but it is all merit based so provided your prereqs are done with a high enough GPA you're in. ~60 are accepted every fall and spring semesters.

Another option for you would get your LVN from any vocational school then do an LVN to RN bridge program.

HTH and good luck :)