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I am currently applying to nursing schools and wanted to know if anyone is attending Barry University's Nursing School. How is their accelerated program? I would also like any input from anyone taking an accelerated BSN program.


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I attend Barry University... I'm a pre-clinical student (I haven't started nursing classes yet, will in fall 2003) I won't be doing the accelerated program. I heard it's very tough and if you don't have the drive and the motivation you won't last in there. I've gotten feedback from alot of Barry students the one's that are doing the accelerated and they all say the same thing, Nursing school will be your life for the next year. It's a pretty decent school. They have a nice reputation in S.FL. My only problem with them is Financial Aid and choice of classes. They don't have a big choice of classes per semester. Like we had a problem the other day to register there was only one choice of Microbiology for the whole school of course it closed rapidly! They will eventually open one up but it will take alot for them to do that. We have complained to our advisors but sometimes they are no help.

To me if tuition is so high I should have at least 3 choices per class. Apart from that they are pretty decent.

Hope you like it...

If you have anymore questions please ask...


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hi, i attended barry in a different degree program. however, my friend got her bsn at barry. barry is well regarded in the community. i completed the accelerated program at mdcc for an adn degree. accelerated programs are great but like the other poster said you must be highly motivated. they are fast paced and will leave you behind. so keep up. :cool:


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So did you make your decision? I start Barry in three weeks.

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