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Have any of you ever worked for Baptist Princeton? If so, what were the working conditions like?



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I have two friends who worked there since May of this year. So far they like it. They like their co-workers and the Nurse Manager.

I almost took a job there, but changed my mind. In my opinion B'ham is not a good place to raise children :eek: Another reason which is have to wear only white :o I love wearing different colors :D

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I worked in the ER for 2 years. It was a pretty good place to work. There were things I didn't like, but you'll find that with any job. I made great friends there and had a manager who was good to me. What department are you considering?


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I'm considering geriatric psych. Have you heard anything about that unit?

Hi, I work at Princeton on the Oncology/Med overflow unit. I love it there. Like someone else said, there are always going to be some things you dont like, but let me say--Princeton def has more things to like than hate. The unit I work on is wonderful to both the patients and to each other. We work as a team and everyone is always willing to help you. Im not sure who said you have to wear all white-that's not true. Each unit has an assigned color usually. For example, my unit wears royal blue or wisteria (a pretty light purple) and white is always acceptable on any unit-a lot of nurses do wear white there. One unit wears hot pink and lime green--it just depends on your unit. Princeton treats the staff like gold and I love it there. Hope this helps :p


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i did an internship at baptist princeton and i loved it. the staff is very supportive and they are a true christians. i worked on 5West and loved it. would reccomend it.

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