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baptist hospital announced today that they are cutting the 2-for-1 matching to 401k. you have to have worked there for like 15 years before you get the 2-for-1. this was a major recruiting tool for recruiters to get nurses and a major reason why people work at baptist anyway. they specifically put up with the extremely high patient ratios for this. just a bit of FYI for anyone considering memphis employment opportunities...and anywhere else there is a BMH hospital.


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Hi. I'm considering relocating to Nashville right now amongst a few other places. I guess I'm a little confused. I take it there is more than one Baptist in TN and there all affiliated, correct? Also, I know that only so much can be said here on this discussion board, but when you say "extremely high nurse : patient ratio's" exactly how high do you mean? I haven't had an interview yet so I've not had the opportunity to ask a manager. Thanks for the info re: the 401k.

a lot of times nurses at BMH have 10 patients, sometimes 11. i'd say 8 is an average. they are known in the city as having the highest patient ratios around. as far as where there is a BMH hospital, i know there are baptist hospitals all over the country. but this particular baptist corporation is concentrated in the midsouth. go to to see all their locations. i really like the BMH corporation and believe that if they are going to give us high patient ratios, we need to be compensated accordingly. yes, the pay rates are higher than any other hospital (by about a dollar) BUT the 2-for-1 401k matching was a major retention tool. not anymore.


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The OP is referring to Baptist Memorial Healthcare Corporation. It's a privately owned system based in Memphis, TN. This is not affiliated with the Baptist Hospital in Nashville.

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