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Hello, I’m new here. I just wanted some advice on to prep for a Band 6 interview. I have been asked to prepare a 10 min presentation entitled ‘How will you, in this role, support the Unit Managers to deliver the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and improve the Outcomes for patients?’ 
I have looked on our Trust website and although we have Trust Values, I don’t know whether these are considered KPIs. I also asked my manager and she had no clue? I feel that if giving a presentation I should talk about KPIs and that of the area I’m applying to, which is Outpatients. Any advice/suggestions much appreciated.



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Welcome to Allnurses, @Nursembee! We have moved your post to our UK forum for the best responses. I believe if you take a look around, you may find some information that has already been shared. 

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Good luck.

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