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I have on presentation for a band 6 role on my ward which is a surgical ward with an enhanced care surgical unit which consists of 3 beds. The only information I was given was As the lead for the new High Dependency Unit taking level 2 patients on the Surgical Ward, how I would ensure that the environment was suitable and that the team have the knowledge and skills to undertake the care for this group of patients.

I've started the presentation but I'm not sure if I am doing it right. Does anyone have any advice on what should be included.

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CONGRATS on the interview. I once worked for a ward that converted a 4 bed bay into a 2 bed HDU. To make sure this area was up to spec, we had ITU consultantations for their input on the set up. We started putting staff on 2 seperate courses - HDU Care and Acute Care. We also had consultations with the HDU ward manager to discuss what competencies/training they require on their unit.

Another idea is to discuss with the CNS for the speciality (ours was vascular) so we arranged in-house training on the topic that went above our routine ward-based care.

Creating a competencies checklist and equipment checklist to ensure the people and the areas are safe.

ALS training is always desirable (and in some places mandatory) for a HDU environment.

Best of luck!


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I have been invited to attend an interview for a band 6 position and have been asked to prepare a 15 minute presentation titled “How can practice development support service change within the healthcare setting?" Was wondering if anyone can help with some advice on what to talk about during the presentation and how to structure the presentation.  Thank you. 


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I presume this is for a practice development post? If so, it would be wise to look at this from the aspect of an educator. Think about where you've been involved in change before and consider how you would support it as an educator. How would you be involved in the planning of the change being made? How would you be involved in the implementation of the change? How would you be involved in maintaining the new standards after the change? Would you play a part in measuring the effectiveness of the change?

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If you search "practice development" "managing change" "quality assurance" and "standard setting" and add the word nursing to your searches I think you'll get heaps of relevant information. I would imagine they want you to mention audit as an evaluation tool. Just my personal feeling. I stress I've been gone from the UK nearly 20 years so I may be out of touch with current thinking.

I have to say that just reading your post made me shudder. I was an H grade under the old system and I remember being expected to do such presentations for G and H grade posts, but they were never as specific as what you're being asked. 15 minutes is going to mean an awful lot of waffle. This seems excessive for a band 6 post which I'm assuming is around about the old grade F level?

I wish you the best of luck, but you've made me so happy I'll never again have to endure one of those NHS interviews facing nursing development type people who are often so up their own backsides and far removed from real-world practice.

All the best and let us know how you get on.