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Bakersfield College Nursing Program Spring 2016

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I am new to this but I am just wondering if anyone on here applied for the Nursing program at Bakersfield College for Spring 2016? It was my first time applying and I am very nervous. From what I have heard, most people get in the second time around. If there are any current nursing students in the program that have any advice about their experience I would love to hear it. Like I mentioned, I am very nervous and don't know what to expect. Also, does anyone know when letters go out? I am so anxious to find out. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I hope to hear from other nursing students (:

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Good Morning and welcome to allnurses! It is a great place to find an answer to all your questions about nursing

Hey! I applied too for the Spring 2016. I heard that we won't find out if we got in or not until late September, early October! I'm so anxious! Have you taken the TEAS?

Really? That's interesting. I actually recently emailed the nursing advisor and she stated letters will probably be going out in about 2 weeks. Either way, I am very anxious to find out if I got in:nailbiting:

I have not taken the TEAS. I'm waiting until I get accepted to take it. Have you taken it?

Wow! 2 weeks would be great! I am so anxious it's killing me haha! No I haven't taken the Teas yet either. I am also waiting for the acceptance letter before I do so! Good luck! Keep me updated if you hear anymore and I will do the same :)

Definitely! :) I hope you don't mind me asking but is this your first time applying? And are you a BC student? Totally understand if you don't want to share this with a complete stranger. lol. I am taking Nurs B100 and Meds B35 for the fall and just wondering if you'll be taking or have taken any of this courses.

No I don't mind at all! You can even text me if you want if that's easier! :) my name is Ashley Perlman. I was a BC student. I am now just waiting on nursing program. I am not taking any classes in the fall because I am pregnant with my second baby. :) this is my first time applying to the program. I am prior military so I'm just getting back into the school thing. Here's my number 6614965536

Hey! I also applied for Spring 2016. Has anyone received letters yet? I am so anxious to find out.

Hi KBrown02! No, I have not received anything yet.:nailbiting: Do you know if letters will be going out soon?

I was told this month so I'm crossing my fingers they are sent out this week.

Any word yet?? I think I am going to call again tomorrow. I was reading a thread from 2014 on this site and they didn't receive letters/phone calls until mid October. With only a week to study for Teas!

Did you get a response? I'm still waiting :(

Hi I know letters have been sent out. My sister and her friend just got their acceptance letters today in the mail. I'm still waiting sadly.best of luck to everyone

I received my acceptance letter today, and will be taking the Teas Oct 9. Good luck!!

I got in! Teas on Oct 9 :) time to study!

Congrats! I'm checking my mail in a bit!

Hello! I am also new to allnurses, and I am applying for the nursing program next Fall. I am currently finishing my Bachelor's in Cognitive Science at the University of California, Merced. I am anxious to start my nursing program, and I hope the best of luck to all of you that are waiting on your responses!