Bad interview advice


It seems that all the interview recommendations I have read always say to arrive 15 minutes before an interview. I disagree. For example, I had a job interview this afternoon. I decided this morning to take a test drive to the interview site. I am so glad I did!!!! I followed the mapquest instructions and discovered that the road I needed was closed for construction. I then had time to figure out a different way to get to the place. When I got to the place I discovered that there was hardly any parking available. There were apartments nearby that said "Tenant parking only. All others will be towed away." Anyway, I am glad I discovered all these problems this morning and not 15 minutes before my interview. I left early and am so glad I did. A car was just leaving when I pulled up so I was able to get a parking space. If I had not left so early, I probably would have had to drive around for 30 minutes before I found a legal parking spot and then may have had to walk 8-10 blocks in the hot sun.:eek:


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I always make a dry run or leave with at least an hour to spare because of this. You can always wait around if you are early. You can not make up lost time if you are delayed when you only allowed yourself the precise amount of time it takes to travel there.


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Yes, Caliotter3-That's good advice-check it out really good before the interview. It wasn't bad at all waiting in my nice air conditioned car. Can you imagine what kind of impression I would have made if I had arrived late to the interview with my hair soaking wet and my mascara running down my face from the hot sun?:lol2: