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Hi, please please respond. I need advice, and don't want to get duped into taking a bad loan or risk.

Here is the situation. I have the max out on my federal loans. I would like to know where I can get a student loan (so I don't have to pay back til I am employed) . I am in full time nursing school, we have 2 children whom I homeschool, and my husband works full time. My husband has considered getting a 2nd job to supplement income til I get through nursing school and is currently looking. We don't feel it is best for me to get a job, since we want me focused on nursing, and with homework and kids and all, it just isn't feasable.

My husband on the other hand is my support person, watches the kids on the days I am in school, so if he were to get a 2nd job this would really put a snatch into our childcare while I am at school.

So I thought it might be a thought to get an extra student loan to help us with living expenses-since I am not working ($12,000) to help us til I graduate. Will horrible credit, is this possible?

If so does anyone have any reputable suggestions?

By the way, we make $2000 too much to get any free help like grants.

Please respond, anyone that has been in the same situation.

I am checking my possibilities of having a co-signer.


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look up for astrive loan in google search but you would require a cosigner hope this helps.


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Have you checked with your financial aide office at school? They should be able to help with a subsidized or unsubsidized Stafford loan utilizing your FASFA info. These loans are to be paid back beginning 6 months from when you are no longer in school at least part time and are fairly easy to get.

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