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Question: I am currently a travel nurse , am with several companies, have current RN clean license. My question is I do have a felony eluding on my background from a year ago. It wasn't a high speed chase

of course, but I did not pull over soon enough and they charged me with that. It is awful and I hate the fact I wasn't paying attention. Will this prevent me for applying for any further licenses or with any other agencies?

No, but you will have to explain in detail when applying for new state licenses and it will delay the process. Are you sure it was a felony? You almost certainly would have had to hire a lawyer and you still should if you were convicted or pled guilty. Delaying pulling over should not result in a felony conviction unless you were trying to shake the cop.

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Just because you have a blip on your record shouldn't prevent you from getting your license. Was it actually a felony, or a misdemeanor? What you have on your record is a conviction, which yes, other than minor speeding tickets you must report. I have a wet reckless on my record (similar to a DUI but not quite a DUI), and as of yet I have had no issues getting a license endorsed to three states. It does take a little longer, and you do have to have all your paperwork sent in, which now that mine was 7 years ago it's getting harder to get certified copies from the court. I usually submit a statement with mine as well. I was young, acted incredibly irresponsibly but I learned a VERY valuable lesson and have grown from the experience. That's what they'd want to know. Just don't get into trouble while you're a nurse, or you'll lose EVERYTHING you've worked so hard for.

Thanks guys. I am a little old old to have been this stupid ( can't use the young/doumb excuse) but hopefully still have the nursing career I want.

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