back to school in your 30s?


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I started and finished my ADN when was in my 30s. I was far from the oldest student in the class (actually, my age was around or just below the class average: we ranged from 21-55). I definitely was a better student than when I was in college the first time around: I had my priorities in order from the get-go, I had learned a lot more patients, I had better study skills, and I got to experience first-hand how poor grades can haunt you well after graduation (see "the first time around in college").

I was hoping to have the BSN wrapped up before I left the 30s, but some things came up in life that forced me to postpone going back to school right now. Now I'm aiming to have it done before 45 :)


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Marilyn: I like you. Do you like me? Also, a bachelor's psych nursing program? I'm not sure it works that way, but I wish it did.

sorry it took me so long to respond lol i do like you! :) Up here in canada, western provinces anyways, they offer 3 year dipolma psych nursing degrees, and 4 year bachelors of psych nursing degrees. do they not do them down in the states??

im still working hard on upgrading my just have to do chem11, english12, and math11. yikes!! i should have listened to my mom when she would say 'your going to wish you had done better in highschool!' when i ditched all those classes lol.

and thanks everyone for your responses! i really appreciated them. :)