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Hey everyone! I’m really struggling right now and would love any input you other nurses have. I worked for 6 years as a NICU nurse. When my daughter was born, I wasn’t able to get on day shifts and the nights were killing me. I finally decided to stay home with my kids for a while. I ended up getting my MSN while I was home. During that time, I also started a business as a health and life coach helping other women make their mental health a priority. So far I have helped several women and love coaching because it gives me the flexibility to be home.

My struggle is that I got reached out to by a NICU and they FInALLY offered me a day shift position. (I have tried to get a day shift NICU spot forever). It’s full time (3 12 hour shifts)…The NICU also told me there is an opportunity to move into an educator position down the road. I also found a day shift PRN job working as a hospital nurse coordinator (2 shifts a month). I’m really feeling torn. Torn between going back and advancing my NICU career or working on my business and working PRN. My kids are 3 and 5 now so I know they will be okay if I go back, but it’s been so long…any input would be great!

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I’m sure you’ve decided by now, but working 12 hr shifts was always hard for me when it came to the kids. I hated the idea of being gone before they woke up and not getting home until they were already asleep. Yes, it was only 3 days a week but it made me feel horrible. When I finally left I never looked back. Every position I’ve had since then (6 years ago) has been where I’m able to work my own hours or work from home. I have 4 kids- 2 teens and a 4&2 year old. I regret missing the time and extracurricular activities  with my older kids when they were small. 


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When my kids were little I worked nights because my husband worked days and this allowed me to be home when they woke up and went to bed (for the most part).