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I injured my back at work. Transfering a patient. Had a MRI found out I have a bulging disc. In my 20s. My question - will i be able to continue with bedside nursing? What other types of nursing do you recommend that is safe on the back? How big of a problem will this be?


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You really need to talk to a doc about this. Bulging discs are not all created equal, and depending on what and where it's bulging against, and what problems it's causing you would decide the treatment plan.

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There's no way that we can tell you how big or small of a problem this will be. Nobody has the crystal ball that will predict your future regarding the health of your back, although I hope that you recover from your injury soon.

Please see your primary care physician or specialist as soon as possible. The membership here is not permitted to exchange advice and recommendations regarding medical issues. I wish you the very best. :)

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