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bachelor of nursing

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Dear all,

i am a 25 yrs old girl from hong kong. i am considerating to study the bachelor of nursing in AUS, but i am not sure if i am qualify to be a nurse student becasue i had never taken science subjects except Mathematics ( i am a Art Student). i hv visited several website but couldn't figure it out. can anyone give me some idea with many tks~~



you don't need any science subjects as prerequisites for a nursing degree. well, not for the undergraduate entry. some universities have graduate entry, where you need a science degree first. having said that, you will study science subjects within the nursing degree but they start at a fairly basic level so you shouldn't be disadvantaged.

however, you will need to obtain an entry score to be eligible to apply to the universities, but these are specific to each state in this country.

just keep having a look at the websites of the unis - here is an example from the university i attended:

QUT - http://www.hlth.qut.edu.au/nrs/courses/undergrad

also, there should be info about applying as an international student for each institution.

gwenith, BSN, RN

Specializes in ICU.

Have a look at the "sticky" thread I created at the top of the forum. There is a link there littlefishes.com which lists ALL nursing courses in ALL nursing universities. As an overseas student you will however be full fee paying.:(

TKS Evie & gwenith~ i will study the informations right the way ^^ honestly, the fee can be a problem to me, are there any possible way to lighten the burden besides part-time work, like scholarship....

You won't be able to work unless you have a visa that allows you to work. As for overseas scholarships, I don't know of any that exist.

Also, you may have to sit an english exam and do a bridging course in English as well.

Most foreign nurses are required to pay for their tuition 100% to even be able to get a visa to go to school in the other country. And as a foreign student, you would be paying what we call "out-of state" rates, since you would not be paying taxes in that country or state and most schools are subsidized by the governments for their citizens.

Scholarships, that would be available, would need to come from your own country..............whther you wish to attend school in Australia, the UK, the US, etc.

You normally are going to have to show proof that you have the funding before beginning school to get you r visa, but Australia does permit you to work part-time for a limited number of hours per week. In the US, you are not permitted to work whil on a student visa.

Hope that this helps and clears up some things for you........

tks bulletproofbarb n suzanne4, it helps me a lot :)

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