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I am a 49 y.o. RN OCN & I've worked in acute care settings for over 20 yrs. Even though I've worked part time for the last 10 yrs , I 'm starting to face the increasing strain of keeping up w/ the physical demands & the high stress. As much as I love

my work,I realize that there are limits to how many more yrs. I'll be able to continue.

I'm now exploring options on postioning myself for partial retirement in the next 5-7 yrs. I'd like to keep my income & benifits stable.I'm questioning if pursuing further education would be wise depeletion of my retirement savings esp. looking at the

way the stock market is going right now. I'm wondering about choices like working

for a BSN at this late stage in my career. Or perhaps another specialty? I have been

in oncology for 12 yrs. I'd love to stay in nursing but I need to be realistic about it's demands & how I'll be able to continue as I approach my 50's. I would like to decrease

the physical demands & stress & get somewhat comparable pay so I can finish out my later yrs( 60's) in nursing. However I,m not interested in management etc. The last

20 yrs in acute care settings has been educational,challenging & overall satisfying.

Are there other RN's who are thinking about partial or phased retirement in the next

5-7 yrs? How do you plan to maximize/ stabilize your options & future security?


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Hey, if you want to stay in nursing there are PLENTY of scholarships and grants available so that you would probably not be required to deplete your funds...ESPECIALLY if you fast-track the RN-MSN (there are a number of those programs available). Have you considered teaching part time? That and/or FNP would be what I would choose to do if I could stand the field any more. But I just can't. I'm with you about keeping up the pace...I'm 32 and I just don't see myself surviving to my 50s if I keep trying to do this. And if I do, my health will be absolutely shot.

There are also some opportunities in legal nurse consulting, which as I understand it, can be done from home much of the time. I think a lot of your success in that would be in how well you can market yourself and make yourself indispensable to the attorneys.

I've considered a BBA (although ANY bachelor's degree with my background as a nurse would suffice) and then going into pharmaceutical sales - pays very,very nicely - but I don't know what the future of that will be with the current debate in Wash, DC regarding Rx prices - that type of position may fall by the wayside if they start fixing Rx prices. I would be a good drug rep, though. Your nursing background would also be valuable in medical equipment sales.

Good luck to you. I completely understand. I have one more year, MAX, God willing, in this hell we call the hospital and then I am out of there myself.



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Dear babs,

Thank-you for your support & encouragement.

It meant a lot. I entered nursing when I was

just a little older than you. It has been

quite a ride, as well as an education,in more

ways than one. I have a BS in Ed. It is very

old. And during my student teaching.(over 30

years ago),I decided teaching was not my forte. I have looked at a multitude of options & I think I am begining to narrow

things down a bit. I appeciate your suggestions & I will keep them in mind.

Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to post your ideas. Have a great day

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