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i want to know how many home health nurses out there are working for salary?????? sure there's "bonus" for working weekend call (75.00 for taking call, 50.00 for a sn visit. 75.00 for a soc or a roc (after hours) i don't feel that i am being fair unless i get all my daily points (which i usually always exceed) then i have to spend double the time at home completing all the paperwork, etc many, many days i work from the time i wake until i have to go to sleep so i can get up and do it again. then, here's the kicker. i work my mon through fri. then i am on call for sat and sun with my "bonus" pay so.i'm making the money. but then come monday, i go to work and i am expected to carry through the next mon through fri with the same vim and vinegar as those who had the weekend off relaxing with their families. by thursday and friday at the tail end of my call week. i am pretty crabby,miss a lot of obvious things and get stupidly forgetful. i even worry about driving sometimes because i am so tired from working 12 days in a row (like i say from the time i get up until i have to go to sleep) if there is an opportunity to take a day off during the last week, the corporate rules state that i must use my pto for that time off. i have tried to come in a couple hours late on a day after a really crazy weekend but my phone starts ringing wanting to know when will i be there because there are patients waiting. i get lots of "atta girl" stuff and they say how good i am doing by getting all my work completed on time. they just don't have to look at what i have to go through to get it. like sitting on my sofa with my family looking at me working saying they wish i would watch this movie with them....what do you guys think?

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I guess you could kind of say I work on a salary. BUT, if I ever see a pt. after 5, I will get paid extra. I do charting at night sometimes but that is only because I finish early and don't do it then.

In other words, I often finish my visits by 2 or 3. I could use that time then to do my charts but I usually don't. So then I do it at night. So it all evens out. There have been times when I feel like I'm giving up some of my weekend time but then I turn around and think of the times I've done shopping during the day or taken a longer lunch hour. Things like that. I figure it all works out.

What you could do is a week long time assessment. Chart each and every minute/hour that you spend on paperwork that you are not getting paid for and show it to your supvr.

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