BA in English, now pursuing RN

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with hopes of doing an RN to MSN bridge later when my girls are in high school (elementary and nursery school now)....

So I do not have a BSN but does my BA help at all in a future job search (with the RN)?


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Hi...I'm in a similar situation...I'm enrolled in an ADN program (first year=LPN, second year=ADN), but already have a B.A. in psychology... what would be the best route? Sorry I don't have info for you....

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It depends on what part of the country your in, check you local career boards or hospital websites, here in NY ADN or AAS-RN are having a hard time finding jobs, even BSN are having a hard time however not quite as hard as the ADN's. Having a BA is definetely a plus as far as school goes, but not in getting a job, the hospitals want new nurses who hit the ground running, and probably could care less about your other degrees, if I were either one of you I would go for the BSN asap if possible.

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