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AZ CNA Board Test

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I have recently finished the nursing assistant class here in Arizona. For the state board test here you must perform 5 tasks (1 handwashing and 4 random). Does anyone have advice for taking the exam? I am just worried because I do not do very well on skill practices when I am watched closely. I tend to get anxious and make silly mistakes.:uhoh3:

Thank you.

There is not time limit and verbally say everything you are doing. After each test verbally say again all the steps you would have performed. If you physically miss something but verbally say it in AZ they count that as a task performed.

Go slow, stay calm.


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Girl I take mine on june 9th!!!! If you go to youtube and search there are some good CNA skill videos. I just watch them and pratice on my husband. The only two I'am worried about is Blood pressure and bed making. For blood pressure, i'm hearing the sounds ok, I just quickly forget the numbers where I heard the first and last beat. For bedmaking I know everthing it's just my sheets come out messed up when I turn the person to the other side.:lol2: Maybe it's because I don't make my own bed. I have a problem with people watching me so I'm going to have to pretend that the tester is not in the room and just do my thang! Good luck!

Thank you for the tips. By the way did you pass the test?


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I won't know until Monday or Tuesday. It takes a bit for them to process the information in the computer. I want to know SO BAD it's been driving me crazy!! If you look at my other post you will see that I did everything right until I got on my 5th skill. It was the occupied bed. Somebody put a fitted sheet in the top sheet section. She had them labled. I accidently grabbed the fitted sheet thinking it was a top sheet. On top of that I ran out of time. She let me finish the skill but I don't know if she's going to count it. I will probabley fail because you are suppose to complete the 5 tasks in 35 minutes. But we will see.:D


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Thank you for the tips. By the way did you pass the test?

I also wanted to say that I was nervous for nothing. Once you get in there and do your skill test you forget being all nervous because you are concentrating so hard trying to do everything right. I actually had fun and my examiner was nice. I was second guessing myself when I took the pulse she looked up at me when I wanted to take the pulse again and said you know, you should have faith in your skills. Your instructer would be proud of you. That told me that I needed to just trust myself.

Guess what?

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are right, the nervousness goes away once you are in there and get down to business! The written part was a piece of cake. At first I was nervous because the girl who went before me came out of the room in tears! But when I went in there I just did what I had to do. The observer even told me that she could tell which canidates really knew their stuff and which ones are not prepared.

My skills were:


-Feeding dependent patient (had to record fluid/food intake)

-Perineal Care Female

-Transfer from wheelchair to bed

-Range of Motion on the Shoulder.

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I'm scheduled to take my CNA test next week and was wondering if anyone had any advice for me. Are there any tips you have? I'm so nervous because I'm afraid I will forget a step.

I am nervous about getting occupied bed as one of my skills because it is so time consuming. And I worry about the blood pressure because you can only be off by a few beats.

Where did you take your CNA classes? I went to AMTI, which is formerly RSAA and I'm scheduled to take my test there as well next week. I just wonder if most people get two easier skills and then one harder one? Did you have to bring your own gait belt and everything with you? Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated! thank you.

i went to school is casa grande but took my test at pima community college in tucson because my school didn't have a formal testing center.

i know exactly how you feel! i was so nervous before taking the test. here are some tips that (i think) helped me pass the cna test the first time around.

1.) know your skill candidate handbook (the one that lists the skill steps) inside and out! -i went through each step over and over again until i was sick of looking at it. i went threw and highlighted the bolded steps and i also highlighted "greets resident by name and introduces self and indicates that hands should be washed", "explains prodcedure to patient", and "pulls privacy curtain". this helped me drill these steps into my mind because if you miss any of these it is an automatic fail.

2.) practice your skills! -most people go into the testing site and they forget simple steps, such as locking the brakes on the wheelchairs because they haven't brushed up on the skills before hand. get someone to practice with you. it may sound silly but this is the main thing that helped me remember the steps when i actually took the test.

i gave my younger sister the handbook that listed each skill and i had her pretend to be my patient. we went through each skill.

-i drew up and down arrows on a piece of paper and taped them to the side of her bed so i could remember to raise/lower the bed.

- i tied an ipod charger to the bedpost so she would have a "call light", i used an empty cup to represent the water i would "leave within reach".

-then for each skill i used props like a large cooking bowl for my "bedpan",

-stuffed animal to demonstrate "perineal care" (lol)

- i used a regular kitchen chair as my "wheel chair

whenever i would do something wrong or if i forgot something she would ask "are you sure that's what you are supposed to do first,next,ect."?

i found this to be extremely helpful when i got to the test because i was prepared to demonstrate any skill that i was going to be handed. if you don't have someone willing to "be your patient", try to at least practice on a stuffed animal or use a pillow for your patient. be creative!

3.) youtube! - my cna class ended a month before i was scheduled to take the state test so if i found a skill that i was unsure of or couldn't quite remember how to do a step, i would just search the skill on youtube. the videos i found most helpful were actually put on there from amti. :)

4.) pretend to be confident! -i was so nervous to take the test but i knew i couldn't let my nerves get to me or i would mess everything up. when it was my turn to go in i went in there and acted like i was an expert in the field.lol. pretending actually led to the real thing. haha. i tried to pretend that the observer was clueless on the skills and that it was my "duty" to teach them how to do them properly. it helped me relax and got me through everything in one piece.

5.) eat before your test! - make sure you eat before your exam because i was there for 4 hours, waiting for the other canidates to test, before i had my turn to test and we weren't allowed to leave. so make sure you eat well before you get there or the only thing you will be thinking about is eating.

6.) don't let the other canidates make you nervous! -i was the last to perform the skill test so i got to see everyone elses expressions when they left the test area. everyone was saying how hard it was, how mean the ladies were, and how stressful it is. the girl that went before me actually left in tears! of course their reactions were freaking me out! i started telling myself, "you're gonna fail and i know im not going to do good if everyone else isn't". but as soon as i went in there, i got right down to business! afterward, the observer told me that she could really tell which canidates were prepared and knew what they were doing.

so, i hoped that these tips will help you. you don't need to bring anything except your i.d. and a number 2 pencil for the written portion (which is just common sense stuff). they have everything else in the testing room and they don't let you bring in your cell phone or ipod.

as for the occupied bedmaking, you only have to remember the linens that are in the skill booklet (bottom fitted sheet, top sheet, blanket, pillow case). you do not have to have the mattress pad, drawsheet, plastic drawsheet, or any of that. good luck, i am sure you will do great!! :)

bonus tip: wear scrubs! a few people showed up in regular clothes but you want to send off a good impression and show professionalism.

Wow this helps! I feel like the YouTube videos confused me more, probably because they had extra materials with them.

Okay i need some tips for the written part of state broads . When it comes to test i go crazy, i dnt want to over study ..

I am preparing to take my state exam in Arizona but as I've been reviewing my skills and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the supplies will be in the patients room or will I have to knock sanitize greet the patient explain what I will be doing and then leave to go get supplies and come back and sit the supplies down and then resanitize before doing the skill? I thought I needed to bring the supplies with me but then how will I sanitize when I first walk into the room with my hands full. In school they had us use one of our desks as the door to knock on and had us set our supplies on the table when we knocked and sanitized and then picked up the supplies before walking in the door. But the patient rooms won't have a desk or table outside the door to set the supplies on so how will I do it when taking the exam? I don't want to do a step out of order and fail. Thanks.


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