AWHONN/ACOG staffing guidelines in Las Vegas Hospitals


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I am planning on relocating to Nevada, possibly Las Vegas, to work as an RN next year. I am a Labor and Delivery/Postpartum nurse. I was just wondering if anyone knew of facilities in Vegas that strictly followed ACOG/AWHONN standards when it comes to Labor and Delivery/Postpartum nursing. Thanks!!!!!!


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I don't know any specifics but I have a nurse friend who is in Las Vegas who says health care there is awful. There are some hospitals that are better than others but she says she worries about being hospitalized while living there. Her father's doctor actually told him, "Never, for any reason, come back to this hospital." When he was brought to that hospital later but rescue squad, his doc said, "I will get you out as fast as I can." How bad does it have to be for your doctor to actually say that?

It isn't just hospitals either. In Vegas, you can't get a blood draw at a doctor's office. She has a family member with a weird type of anemia so he sees a hematologist. He can't even have his blood drawn at the hematology clinic. In some school based clinics, they do not have funding so they can't even do basic tests - CBC, strep, UA, etc. The practitioners have to treat based solely on assessments or refer to go elsewhere for labs (most won't go because they are uninsured). I can't imagine working in a clinic that can't even do basic labs.


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I had a patient in ER over the weekend who was visiting here from Las Vegas, he fell and dislocated his knee, it reduced easily but he also sustained a quad tendon tear, ortho advised "urgent" -within a week or two-surgery when he got home.

He refused, said he would never get any healthcare in a Las Vegas hospital, and insisted on having it set up and done here.

Ortho doc said it would be problematic, because of need for follow up visits, PT, etc. He said he would rather spend the money to stay longer, and fly back a few times than have it done at home in Las Vegas.

Now, I am wondering, WTH is going on in Nevada??


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I work in nevada and any nurse that has worked in a different state we are 10 years behind the rest of the country. Nevadains don't put any level of importance to health care (or education). As for blood draws in the office, thats not true. That particularly office doesn't draw blood but my current and former doctor both offered labs in office. I also used to draw labs for an infectious disease doc.