Awarding-Winning Nurse Sets Himself on Fire Outside Kensington Palace


Last week 41 year old Amin Abdullah dies after setting himself on fire outside Kensington Palace.

Mr Abdullah, who won an award for his nursing skills two years ago, worked as a junior nurse at Charing Cross Hospital in Hammersmith, West London.

But in December he was sacked for gross misconduct after writing a letter to senior colleagues in which he called a patient a ‘professional complainer against NHS staff'.

He claimed the patient, who had made a complaint against one of his colleagues, was ‘derogatory and rude about individual members of staff'.

Mr. Abdullah was fired on December 21, 2015 after Imperial College Healthcare "decided his actions constituted a serious breach of the professional code of conduct".

While awaiting an appeal against the decision, he was admitted to St. Charles Hospital in West London for treatment of severe depression. He was allowed to leave the hospital 2 days before his appeal hearing. About 4 hours after his discharge he set himself on fire.

Do you think his termination was warranted?

To read more, go to Award-winning nurse who burned himself to death outside Kensington Palace had been sacked for supporting a colleague


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While we definitely do not know the whole story, my prayers and tears are for this Nurse's soul and his family. I wish I could contact his partner.

May this Nurse rest in eternal peace, Amen.

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I think that his firing was bogus. I know it happens which is why you have to pick your battles. Simply supporting a colleague shouldn't get you fired.


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In US would be a Sentinel Event - suicide by discharged psychiatric patient - triggering Joint Commission scrutiny and litigation from the family. Cold comfort to loved ones, of course, and probably not standard in UK.

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The sacking was BS. As long as it was politely worded, I see no problem in the letter itself. Now, if he'd gone and published it in a local paper and used pt identifiers, that would be another matter entirely. He was clearly mentally unstable, though, and it's a sad thing.