Awaiting for commission US NAVY NURSE, why it is taking too long


My recruiter submitted my packet to the boards last week of January. It is February 28 now and I have not heard anything since. I called my recruiter and no return calls as of yet. What is going on? And how come nobody knows when the selection boards meet? Does anyone here knows what is going on, when the selection boards meet, When am I going to find out I got selected? btw, I'm still studying for my Bachelor's for Nursing, currently working with ADN degree but I will be graduating this May. I wrote on my application that Im ready to go to Rhode Island for the ODS on June 2009. I hope somebody can answer my question.


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hi cumberland 40,

come join the waiting on navy commission bus!! lubdubrn and i are in the same boat!!! except we are trying to go to the next ods that starts. the latest that i have heard from my recruiter on thursday is that during jan and feb everything got backed up. well she stated that feb & march numbers are down so now the boards are meeting once a week. so, i have not seen or heard the effects of this "once a week" boards because none of us still have an answer so. it seems hopeful. all of our recruiters seemed to be getting a little annoyed because we are soo ready to know something so we can move on with our lives. however, nothing so far. like i posted in another thread our recruiters are very laid back on there timeline of when they feel thinks should be completed. i have already pulled my hair out and grew some more since january:yawn:. now i'm just going to leave my hair in so that i will atleast have enough to laydown under my hat when i do get to ods. :banghead::banghead::banghead:

however good luck to you and keep in touch with lubdubrn and i since we are in the process with you. :)

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