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Just curious as to what other agencies in travel time and mileage per patient. Ours is a rural HHA and taking into account PT, SN and Aides, we average about 17 miles per patient and about 30 mins travel time per patient. I'm thinking this is probably more than most, but I don't know so please let me know what yours are and if you are rural or urban.




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I live in rural western KY, right next to Ky Lake and very close to Barkley Lake.... I average between 2 and 3 hours travel per day and mileage usually between 80-120 miles per day........We get 36 cents per mile and we are also given productivity points if we go over a certain amount of miles. I almost always go over because I am the only nurse for the county I work in. Our agency covers 6 counties in KY and 3 in Illinois, and the mileage/travel time varies greatly depending on the county. 2 of the KY counties have moderate to large size towns, the others are strictly country..... I am traveling behide tractors,etc and along dirt roads on occasion. Our agency is working on ways to make the differences more equitable..have no real solution as of yet, but at least I am getting acknowledgement in the form of productivity for the miles I drive. Today I drove 96 miles and saw 7 patients.

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I work in rural NYS for a county agency and have a company car. On average I travel about 80-100 miles per day, usually 4-7 patients per day. Nice to have a company car.

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Wow company car would be nice. I had sometimes 4 hours per day travel time for an Ohio agency that covered 9 counties. Our super would not put us in areas so we were driving all over the place with no pay for drive time, no special points and no pay for office time. I loved home care but left due to my hourly rate by the time I figured all our suffered to work for the company was between 8 to 11 per hour. Waste of my time.



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I have worked as a home health nurse for the past 6 yrs, mostly in WV. My agency covers 3 counties and parts of 3 others and primarily alot of rural areas. I have good days and bad days, if I'm lucky most of my visits can be in a 30 mile radius around Charleston, but there are other days that I may travel 100 miles between 2 patients and can spend up to 3-4 hours in travel time while only seeing 5 patients. I work contract so I am paid per visit and have very little reimbursement for mileage, but my branch director is pretty understanding and will add extra money to the visit rate to make it worth the extra time and mileage. I would say on the average, travel tie between patients is about 15-20 min.


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Thanks for the replies. It does look like everyone travels all over creation (with the beautiful leaves this fall it's not such a bad thing sometimes) but seems like we're on the high end of travel time which is what I kind of suspected. Our agency covers from the Cumberland Plateau to the Appalachian Mtns.- it can be pretty country, but the driving kills my back.

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